Work with passion

We are proud to work with the leading technologies and implement the most efficient solutions. Our team consists of passionate people who are eager to bring value, grow and learn new things.

Teamwork of the development team on a new product
Teamwork of the development team on a new product

Our History

DevelopsToday was started in 2014 by several passionate software engineers in Dnipro, with desire to build team of strong professionals with product vision and strong skills. As we grow a lot of talented people joined our journey and helped as to get where we are at right now. We are very proud of everyone who contributed to products we built.

Our Values

Embrace Freedom and Responsibility

Develop an innovative, functional, fast, and reliable app. Win the interest and trust of new users

Communicate and create a teamwork

We help team members, celebrate their successes, create a little bit of fun, joy, and happiness at work

Strive for continuous self improvement

We are constant explorers and learners, discovering how to become better every day

Deliver quality

We always target to achieve the highest possible quality (taking into account the business value and constraints of the product, embracing product mindset)

Be honest

We say what we think, respecting the psychological safety of others, applying empathy and tolerance

Get things done

We keep focus on the work and search for way to get things done as measure of our success

We help real people create great products that serve millions of users all over the world

World map with checkpoints of clients locations
World map with checkpoints of clients locations

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